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What We Do

We bring data and digital together to deliver unmatched measurable results.

Data Sciences is a group of leading experts in the fields of data analytics, research, digital marketing and engagement campaigns. Together we help organizations including Canadian and international NGOs, political parties, and major companies, leverage data to produce measurable results.

Our data scientists collect and analyze data from surveys, qualitative research, online platforms, and other sources to generate a clear picture of our clients’ audience.

Our digital team turns those insights into first-class online campaigns which produce more data we can then use to deliver even better results.

It's how we continue to deliver measurable results that nobody else can match.

Who We Are

Our team combines decades of expertise in data analytics, digital marketing, and campaigns.

Meet Some Of The Team

Data Services

Data Engineering

Our engineering team can help make your organization data-driven. We centralize data from across your organization, breaking down silos so that your team can work collaboratively, efficiently, and at scale.

Prediction and Forecasting

We use machine learning and optimization to retain customers, predict the next best leads, and identify critical trends. And we do it in real time so nothing gets left on the table. Having a model is only a start — we turn models into real world value.

Business Intelligence

Our team of analysts turn raw data into products, like automated emails and dashboards, that can be easily understood by executives and other decision-makers to help make smart choices.

Opinion Research

We conduct quantitative research using custom surveys and online research studies. We dig deep to understand what shapes public opinion, and provide actionable insights based on our findings.

Digital Services

Digital Marketing

Our team has worked with some of Canada’s largest corporations and not-for- profits, crafting digital campaigns that drive measurable results.

Design & Web Development

Our team designs, brands, and develops fully functional websites, standalone microsites, and impactful landing pages.

Email Marketing and Fundraising

We build effective email marketing that drives sales, engagement and increases fundraising.

Social Media

We produce data-driven social media campaigns powered by video and visuals that cut through the noise and reach your audience. Our focus on testing and optimization sets us apart, as we constantly iterate on message and content to find what works best with your audience.

Campaign Services

Campaign Consulting

From national not-for-profits, to municipal campaigns, if you are looking to recruit volunteers, grow your fundraising channels, understand public opinion, create social license, or engage with your supporters, we are the firm with the experience to help you accomplish your goals.

Our team includes experts in the fields of research, mobilization, digital marketing, and communications. We have worked on international, federal, provincial, and local campaigns across the country.

Our expertise bridges the gap between traditional political and communication practices and data-driven tactics like those pioneered by the Obama and Trudeau campaigns.


Our team includes top engagement strategists. From polling to issue identification to mobilization strategies, we have helped numerous not-for-profits, political campaigns, and companies build an effective public awareness and activation campaign.

Field Program Development

Our team understands what it takes to develop a data-driven field program. We’ve helped numerous not-for-profits, campaigns, and companies build a modern campaign from the ground up and can help you solve the organizing challenges of your organization.