Non-Profit Solutions

Raising funds and building awareness for non-profits.

Our goal is to ensure that every dollar spent raises much more. Year over year, we raise between $900,000 and $2M for most of our non-profit clients. Our month over month ROAS ranges from 300% to 1000%. Our campaigns help to increase reach, spread brand awareness, build audiences to increase the pool of potential donors, and drive down program costs.

  • Always-on Digital Fundraising Strategy and Implementation

  • Creative and Copy Development across digital platforms

  • Awareness Campaign Development

  • Lead Generation

  • Automated reporting

  • Executive Fundraising Reports

  • Website Optimization

  • Donor Journey Mapping

Our partnership with DS has significantly advanced Sunnybrook Foundation’s capacities on paid digital media channels. It’s a nimble team that consistently comes to the table with data-based recommendations to optimize and grow our program, month-over-month and year-over-year.

Henna Patel, Senior Digital Fundraising & Engagement Advisor, Sunnybrook Foundation

Products and Services

Explore our non-profit product and services below. And don't hesitate to reach out if you are looking for something different. Our expert digital strategists can help build a solution that's right for you.

Always-on Digital Fundraising Strategy and Implementation
  • Running multiple or a singular campaign objective(s), across multiple platforms 
  • Allows us to better engage audiences, and move them towards acting on a primary goal (fundraising) or changing their perception of core topics
  • Focused on educating, retargeting, and acquiring strong purchase signals
  • Tracks engagement in order to retarget and build warmed audiences
Donor Journey Mapping
  • DS works with our partners to establish unique donor journeys
  • Building out a campaign strategy ultimately involves optimizing the path to conversion.  DS takes a holistic approach to campaign growth, from data and event capture, to landing page testing and development, and add to cart and email sign up optimization
Awareness Campaign Development
  • In addition to building brand awareness, campaigns focused on web traffic and content engagement, help to grow the pool of new customers, which will lead to an increase in sales in the long run, and bolster media spend efficiencies.
  • The goal is to target all potential customers with the objective of Web Traffic/Awareness/Reach. Ads in this level of the funnel tend to focus on content engagement, rather than conversion, and target a broader audience of potential donors & volunteers.
Lead Generation
  • The objective at this level is to reach donors and/or volunteers in a consideration stage, and to acquire contact information, mainly email. When a donor or volunteer is at the consideration stage, they usually have heard of the organization, and have shown some interest or action towards it (such as engagement on an ad, participation at an event, or a website visit).  The end goal of ads within this funnel will be to take a stronger action with the brand, such as signing up for an event, or giving their email address for subsequent direct communication.
Automated reporting
  • Self-serve reports allow organizations to have real time knowledge of campaign performance, and pull data for ad-hoc needs internally.
  • DS pulls directly from Facebook’s API, Google Analytics, and CRM systems in order to deliver a fulsome custom automated reporting.
  • This custom automation and report is the single source of truth for KPI tracking, and ensures that all stakeholders have a high level and granular view of the campaign’s health on a regular basis. 
  • The volume and precision of our custom reporting is unmatched and essential to the program.
  • Weekly Reporting insights allow DS and your organization to jointly discuss key optimizations done in the week or month prior, and those needed in the week or month ahead.
Creative and Copy Development across digital platforms
  • High volume, agile approach to creative development for the purpose of driving action (donation/engagement). 
  • The content DS builds has direct calls to action, supported by facts and impact of donations
  • Creative optimizations are made based on both brand requirements and performance of ads
Executive Fundraising Reports
  • Executive reports are key to major campaign wrap up, as they allow for DS to produce an in-depth report about high impact periods of the Always-on campaigning efforts, or for stand alone campaigns for organizations. 
  • These reports include detailed recommendations based on performance learnings, overview of creative performance, by objective and platform performance, and much more based on client needs.
Website and Tracking Optimization
  • Our full service, holistic approach includes bringing your website to the next level, in order to ensure donations and volunteers are secured, properly tracked, and retargeted after being led to your website or landing page.
  • DS looks at optimizations and campaigning from a holistic perspective, this means that we put as much emphasis on how creative and media is implemented as we do on where our audiences are led.