Data Science

Our team can help you find insightful patterns in your data—and leverage them for better outcomes for you, your supporters, and your customers.

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We consolidate all available data and use it to make predictions to guide your consumer or voter engagement strategy decisions, increase your share of a profitable audience, and generate overall growth.

Defining what success looks like is always our starting point—what are you trying to achieve? From there, we’ll help define and monitor those KPIs that can influence your desired outcome and identify insights to ensure your making the most impact.

  • Drive data-driven decision making

  • Maximize conversions and ROI

  • Build effective user journeys

  • Prevent churn and reduce lapsed customers

  • Identify cross-selling opportunities

  • Understand and engage specific audiences

"DS really helped our team organize our retail and CRM data into value clusters and augment customer value segments. On top of the delivery of the models, the knowledge transfer to our team was invaluable."

Naveen Menon, Senior Director, Digital Analytics & Personalization, Knix

Products and Services

Explore our data science and analytics products and services below. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for something different. Our expert data scientists can help build a solution that’s right for you.

Advanced Analytics

Data is often aplenty—it’s everywhere these days, and easy to collect across many digital touchpoints—but all that data doesn’t directly translate into actionable insights. DS leverages centralized data to construct sophisticated, and often bespoke, analytics for our clients, like cohort retention, optimized client outreach targets, or product adoption measurements. We define and implement these analytics throughout your business to help drive decision-making.

Data Visualization and Dashboards

Once data has been analyzed to generate insights, disseminating these findings and KPI progress against your goals in an actionable form becomes key. We build custom visualization dashboards that balance comprehensiveness and simplicity to answer key stakeholder questions. From regional heat maps of support to dynamic customer journey charts, we work with our clients to build visuals that convey the insights they need the most through:

  • Understanding target audiences and their priorities
  • Exploring and selecting the appropriate tool for a project
  • Defining the right metrics and granularity level
  • Creating compelling visualizations
  • Establishing pipelines to ensure dashboard timeliness
  • Ensuring identity and access management best practices
Predictive Modelling

Building on top of more descriptive analytics work, predictive models are powerful tools that enable more targeted and efficient engagement with your contacts. Using sophisticated feature engineering on top of public and first-party data, DS can train, deploy, and monitor machine learning models to predict future behaviour—including predicting demographic characteristics, identifying likely repeat customers, finding donors at risk of churning, or uncovering cross-selling opportunities within your business.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

While predictive modelling focuses on optimizing short-term outcomes, prescriptive analytics will help drive decision-making for the business as a whole, focusing on your most strategic decisions. Prescriptive modelling enables our clients to find solutions to less well-defined questions, from simulating individual or constituency-level electoral outcomes and paths to victory to taking a more personalized approach to a cross-channel customer journey.