Data Engineering

We can help you use your data, like your customers' purchases, email subscribers, and social media followers, to drive your objectives and reach your goals.

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Our experienced team can clean up your existing data, consolidate it all into one place, and then leverage it to help make decisions and optimize your results.

From digital touchpoint event management to data harmonization, we can help you lay the foundation for optimal data practices. Our machine learning algorithms will transform your incomplete, siloed or stale data sources into the starting point for insightful, value-added, person-level analytics.

  • Build a 360-degree view of your customer

  • Deploy AI to transform your data

  • Clean up and organize your data

  • Create a data-centric organization

  • Optimize your data practices

  • Modernize your data infrastructure

“Being data-driven is about more than just having data—having data is only a first step to data-driven outcomes. At DS, we leverage data not only to describe but to support decisions and optimize outcomes.”

Sean Wiltshire, Ph.D., Senior VP, Solutions

Products and Services

Explore our data engineering products and services below. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for something different. Our expert data engineers can help build a solution that’s right for you.

Data and Infrastructure Audits

Using our established methodology, we can conduct a comprehensive audit of your organization’s data use practices and infrastructure, and make recommendations on how to best leverage your data to drive results.

Auditing data systems and infrastructure is a complex and time-consuming process. Fortunately, we have devised auditing methodologies and technologies that help ease your burden. Our highly-specialized data engineering team will conduct a comprehensive review of your data, how you’re using it, and the infrastructure that houses it. From there, we’ll produce recommendations and walk you through how to use them to better leverage your data, including:

  • Modernize data infrastructure
  • Create cloud-migration plans
  • Build Master Data Management Plans
  • Develop data inventories
Data Warehouse and Data Lake Development

Data-driven decision-making using advanced analytics requires data to be ingested, cleaned, and ready to use by a variety of stakeholders. DS can empower your team by building out data warehousing solutions bespoke to your needs.

Decision-making requires clean, accurate and up-to-date data to ensure the right choice is made—especially when you’re making mission-critical business decisions. Advanced analytics have elaborate data requirements—such as ingestion, cleaning, and processing—which are required before the data has much use. Our data engineering team can empower your organization by building modern data warehousing solutions tailor-made for your organization’s processes and data needs.

Data Enrichment

DS can help augment your existing data sets by sourcing third-party data or enriching your data with our own proprietary methods.

Never has it been more important to have the maximum number of data points available when making business-critical decisions. At DS, we have proprietary methodologies developed to augment your existing data with additional critical insights from internal and third-party data sources, including:

  • Phone Appends
  • Geocoding
  • Census Appends
  • Address Standardisation