Helping organizations make better decisions with good data

Our mission is to provide well-designed, scientifically sound guidance, research, analytics, and marketing, in order to help our clients understand, engage and deepen their relationships with their customers and other stakeholders.

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We work with forward-looking organizations to make better decisions with good data.

Modern marketers need to organize and manage multiple data sources in order to understand consumer behaviour, measure campaign efficacy and plan for growth. If data is the new oil, we want to be an insights refinery.

At DS, we combine sound data management, advanced analytics, machine learning and AI, and cutting-edge digital engagement strategies to better measure audience intent, communicate efficiently and produce measurable results with the power to shift public perception.

Our Clients

At Data Sciences, we work with organizations that are committed to making change in their category through a better understanding of their customers' needs.

  • Commerce

    We can help you identify and reach new customers, measure and track their activity, effectively engage them about your brand, and understand your success.

  • Corporate

    Whether it’s a corporate-backed social movement that you're building, or you’re looking to raise your brand affinity, our multidisciplinary team is here to help.

  • Non-profit NGOs

    We help non-profit organizations across Canada raise funds and awareness, better understand their supporter motivations, and drive deepening engagement.

  • Political

    We have the expertise and the experience to help our political clients understand and engage voters, motivate donors and supporters, and win elections.

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Our focus is on developing productive relationships with our clients and offering integrated products and services in data science and engineering, digital and creative communications, and market research.

  • Data Engineering

    We can help you use your data, like your customers' purchases, email subscribers, and social media followers, to drive your objectives and reach your goals.

    Products and Services includeData and Infrastructure AuditsData Warehouse and Data Lake DevelopmentData Enrichment
  • Data Science

    Our team can help you find insightful patterns in your data—and leverage them for better outcomes for you, your supporters, and your customers.

    Products and Services includeAdvanced AnalyticsData Visualization and DashboardsPredictive ModellingData-Driven Decision-Making
  • Digital and Creative

    Our team delivers creative and digital marketing campaigns with advanced segmentation and automation that allow your data to drive results.

    Products and Services includeDigital and Email MarketingCreative DevelopmentDigital Infrastructure and AuditsJourney Building
  • Market Research

    Our baseline research, polling, and message testing take the guesswork out of campaign development and content delivery, ensuring you always put your best foot forward.

    Products and Services includeBaseline research and audience segmentationMessage Resonance TestingTracking pollsBrand positioning and customer surveysDashboards and online reportingQualitative research and other offerings
  • Non-Profit Solutions

    Raising funds and building awareness for non-profits.

    Products and Services includeAlways-on Digital Fundraising Strategy and ImplementationDonor Journey MappingAwareness Campaign DevelopmentLead GenerationAutomated reporting Creative and Copy Development across digital platformsExecutive Fundraising ReportsWebsite and Tracking Optimization

The DS Approach

A graphic showing a simplified overview of our approach, from understanding your business problem, designing a bespoke solution, to deploying the interconnected elements.

The DS Approach

DS employs a comprehensive data-driven approach to advocacy and engagement campaigns. We are able to provide research, data science and engineering, content development and online digital engagement management. All designed to deliver actionable insights to direct next-step strategies for customer engagement and activation both online and offline.

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Our Team

We come from an impressive array of successful marketing, political, and PR campaigns, in Canada and around the world.

  • Data Specialists

    Our numbers include talented former academics who now use their skills to collect, analyze and elevate our clients’ data.

  • Researchers

    Our experts from a wide variety of academic backgrounds have a deep understanding of market research and public polling.

  • Campaigners

    We come from an impressive array of successful marketing, political, and PR campaigns, in Canada and around the world.

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