Data Sciences Inc.

Inspiring action through data and digital excellence

We bring together art and science to understand how audiences behave and predict how to best engage them.

At DS, we combine sound data management, advanced analytics, machine learning and AI, and cutting-edge digital engagement strategies to better measure audience intent, communicate efficiently, and produce measurable results with the power to shift public perception.

Data + Identity Management

From digital touchpoint event management to data harmonization, we help lay the ground for optimal data practices.

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Analytics + Predictive Modeling

Whether it’s churn, segmentation, lift, cross-sell or something else: our customized models help you find insightful patterns in data and leverage them for better outcomes.

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Audience Development + Digital Engagement

We can help you identify and gather details about your clients, supporters, readers, or donors so you can create meaningful interactions that lead to results.

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Research + Message Resonance Testing

Our baseline research, polling, and message testing take the guesswork out of campaign development and content delivery.

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Who we are

We bring together top professionals — from data science and analytics, digital marketing and advertising, and campaign and business development — to deliver results for our clients.

Data Scientists

Our numbers include talented former academics who now use their skills to collect, analyze and elevate our clients’ data (about 30% have PhDs).


We come from an impressive array of successful marketing, political and PR campaigns, here and around the world.


And we know the biz — with former employees of major digital platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat in our ranks.


Data Sciences

November 30, 2021

By: Rosalie Nadeau, M.A., Head of ResearchMegan Cooper, Ph.D., VP, Research
Canada has just kicked off its COVID-19 vaccination campaign for kids aged 5 to 11, yet another vaccination campaign is also in full swing. This year, health officials are especially insisting on the need for Canadians to get their flu shot. We investigate how Canadians might react to overlapping vaccination campaigns, and examine how the pandemic context could impact citizens' motivations to get a flu shot.

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Data Sciences

September 10, 2020

By: Darrell Dean, Ph.D., VP, Digital & CreativeMathew Snowie, Head of Creative
How could people come together to celebrate the best art, music, and drag the community had to offer if they couldn’t actually be together? Data Sciences offered a digital solution to help the 2020 Capital Pride Festival.

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