UK Labour wins landslide with help from DS Tools

July 5, 2024

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A landslide victory for the UK Labour Party, led by incoming Prime Minister Keir Starmer, has marked a major win for progressive policies as well as optimistic partnerships between Canada and the UK.

Since outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s sudden call for a July 4 election, Labour launched into executing a mass voter mobilization campaign on unprecedented timelines and scale – resulting in one of the largest majorities in the history of British democracy. 

At the forefront of the UK Labour Party’s historic election victory was Digital Director Tom Lillywhite and strategy leader Morgan McSweeney. Lillywhite’s team developed best-in-class innovative viral content with the kind of empathetic and authentic voice that had been deeply absent from the political stage. Their messaging conveyed hope and assurance that Labour intended to directly confront the top-of-mind issues burdening their citizens, such as NHS wait times, crippling inflation, and energy bills, including with Keir Starmer’s “first 6 steps for change.”

As a part of their winning mobilization efforts, UK Labour harnessed the distribution machine of Canada-based company Data Sciences Inc. (DS), to deliver their message for change with innovative targeting and outreach across digital channels, to over 7 million voters on Facebook and Instagram alone.

Labour enlisted DS tools, including AdMarshal, to maximize the effect of their content and messaging in both sweeping parliamentary and municipal election victories. AdMarshal automated the bulk of the ad-buying process so thousands of Labour ads could be immediately produced and media budgets could be adjusted by region in response to any shifts in performance or polls.

Data Sciences has been supporting progressive electoral victories around the world since 2014, supplying parties with groundbreaking campaign tools and strategic reports that enhance efficiency and help get the best messages to the right people.