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At Data Sciences, we work with organizations that are committed to making change in their category through a better understanding of their customers' needs.

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We can help you identify and reach new customers, measure and track their activity, effectively engage them about your brand, and understand your success.

Data is abundant in the world of commerce, which can be overwhelming. At DS, we can help you identify opportunities hidden in your data, evaluate the impact of your marketing campaigns, or build reports that keep you informed of the key information you need to know.

Put another way, we can help you mobilize data for marketers and decision-makers and customize solutions to specific team needs and business objectives.

Our team has specific expertise in using Shopify Store Data to retain customers and scale your business.

  • Data warehouse in a box – build a secure, reliable and accessible data warehouse for your disparate sources.
  • Data analysts on demand – discover insights including customer segmentation, churn and retention, and custom reporting.
  • Research and insights – understand your customers' motivations and what your most effective messaging will look like.

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Whether it’s a corporate-backed social movement that you're building, or you’re looking to raise your brand affinity, our multidisciplinary team is here to help.

Launching a large brand campaign or developing an advocacy initiative can be a challenging undertaking, especially when you're focused on your customers. Through brand and creative identity development, full-funnel digital marketing campaigns that generate awareness and leads, and extensive reporting that’ll satisfy your board, DS can help you deliver on your objectives in a way that’s customized for you and your needs.

"DS really helped our team organize our retail and CRM data into value clusters and augment customer value segments. On top of the delivery of the models, the knowledge transfer to our team was invaluable."

Naveen Menon, Senior Director-Digital Analytics & Personalization, Knix
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Non-profit NGOs

We help non-profit organizations across Canada raise funds and awareness, better understand their supporter motivations, and drive deepening engagement.

Generating grassroots support can be especially challenging for small, non-for-profits—but it’s a fundraising and engagement avenue that can’t be overlooked. We use our skills, honed in political campaigns, to help these important organizations drive efficient results.

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We have the expertise and the experience to help our political clients understand and engage voters, motivate donors and supporters, and win elections.

At DS, we’re proud of the work we do to help drive change that aligns with our values. We support political parties and candidates with data management and modelling, digital marketing services, message and public polling research, and voter engagement platforms.

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