Working at DS

Join us and be part of one of the leading multi-disciplinary teams in Canada.

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Are you excited about the possibility of helping create positive change, and working at the forefront of digital marketing, data analytics, and campaign development? Would you be thrilled to work for clients that include world-leading organizations or leaders from around the globe? Data Sciences may be a good fit for you! Check out our open job postings or continue reading for more about what it’s like to work at DS.

Our Values

Be transformative

For our business to innovate, we must challenge preconceived methods and assumptions. We must be curious, open-minded and challenge ourselves to think differently. We must be progressive and we will endeavour to create the conditions within our company to allow this progressive culture to thrive.

Follow the campsite rule

We think the campsite rule should apply to the whole world. Leave things better than you found them. We only want to work on projects that leave the world as good or better than we found it.

Tackle hard problems

We tackle hard problems – we are curious and self-starting people. We actively seek out the best way to solve new problems and we support each other in finding new ways to do things. We never say something is impossible, we creatively discover how to make something possible. Just doing is not enough—we must prize solving above all else.

Work with rigour and integrity

We approach challenges scientifically, and we fundamentally believe in the quality of our work. We know what sets us apart from other similar companies is that we take the time to do things properly rather than the path of least resistance.

Put people first

Ultimately, our business is about understanding people. To do this successfully, we must first strive to understand our employees and clients, as well as the world around us. This can only be done through honest, transparent, healthy and objective interactions.

Hiring Process at DS

At DS, we use a multi-step hiring process to ensure we find the right fit for the role and our company. We will regularly have qualified candidates complete brief screening assignments to ensure they have the skills needed to succeed in the role, as well as a number of different meetings with people at different levels of the organization, including with the hiring manager, potential colleagues or reports, and senior management. We understand that can be an additional burden, but it ensures that we are building the right team for the complex work at hand. That said, we respect your time, and will only ask you to continue in the process if we’re convinced you’re who we’re looking for!

Equal Opportunity Employer

Data Sciences is an equal opportunity employer. We support diversity and inclusion in our core values and do not discriminate against qualified employees or applicants because of race, colour, religion, gender identity, sex, sexual preference, sexual identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, military status, or any other characteristic protected by federal or provincial law or local ordinance. When necessary, the company will reasonably accommodate employees and applicants with disabilities if the person is otherwise qualified to safely perform all of the essential functions of the position.

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