Research + Message Resonance Testing

You’ve developed a great campaign, your team is excited about it, and you’re ready to go. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans can go awry when you haven’t done your research.

Instead, before you launched that campaign, DS can help you determine which messages will resonate with your audience and which ones might cause a negative backlash.

Each of our research projects is tailored to drive insights that enable our clients to effectively position their brands or campaigns, segment their audiences, and build relationships to understand how to best engage them.

DS’s political experience and research expertise come together to generate a clear picture of your social or political landscape. This provides you with a campaign strategy guide to win the election, drive social favourability for a project, or increase support for a major transaction.

Our Message Resonance Testing methodology is a forward-thinking technique that takes the guesswork out of campaigns. We discretely test how audiences respond to content in a controlled environment so we can verify that each message has its intended effect. These insights can then help inform your communication, public relations, CSR, stakeholder outreach or marketing strategies.

We can help you

  • Gather information on target markets
  • Maintain competitiveness
  • Avoid backlash from messaging
  • Choose communication channel (broad vs. targeted)
  • Evaluate political outcomes
  • Visualize issues or stakeholders geographic mapping

By delivering these products and services

  • Market research
  • Brand positioning studies
  • Political research and polling
  • Message resonance testing
  • Data-driven issue based mapping
When we started, we didn’t approach message testing with a preconceived notion of how it should be done. Instead, we used the power of 4 PhDs from various disciplines to devise a multi-pronged approach that delivers results.”Megan Cooper, Ph.D., Head of Research