Data + Identity Management

You know you have data. It’s there — your customers’ purchases, your email subscribers, your social media followers — but it isn’t being used to drive your objectives.

But, what if you could clean and consolidate all your data into one place and leverage it to help make decisions and optimize results.

From digital touchpoint event management to data harmonization, we can help you lay the foundation for optimal data practices. Our machine learning algorithms will transform your incomplete, siloed or stale data sources into the starting point for insightful, value-added, person-level analytics.

We can help you

  • Build a 360 degree view of your customer
  • Deploy AI to transform your data
  • Undergo a digital transformation
  • Create a data-centric organization
  • Optimize your data practices

By delivering these products and services

  • Data audits and roadmap planning
  • Master data management planning
  • AI readiness audit
  • Change management strategy
  • Data hygiene and harmonization
  • Data consulting
“Being data-driven is about more than just having data — having data is only a first step to data-driven outcomes. At DS, we leverage data not only to describe, but to support decisions and optimize outcomes.”Sean Wiltshire, Ph.D., Senior VP, Solutions