Audience Development + Digital Engagement

Our team delivers excellence in creative and digital marketing, plus advanced segmentation and marketing automation strategies that take all your available data into account.

You can learn a lot by reconciling anonymous web-event data (trackers, pixels, cookies) with customer information from your CRM or transactional platform. Like how to generate psychographic profiles and use them to build more efficient audience segments. The insights gained can help you sell your product, re-engage inactive customers, and maximize content views.

Our Digital Audience Development program is a great way to leverage your existing data and data infrastructure, build customer profiles, and reap the rewards. We’ve developed a six-phase methodology to bring these results to fruition.

We can help you

  • Lower your contact acquisition costs
  • Maximize online and offline conversions
  • Engage specific audiences based on subject, cause or issue
  • Built targeted support for a project

By delivering these products and services

  • Digital marketing optimization
  • Web event data capture
  • Online fundraising
  • Data-driven content development
  • AI-driven recommendation engine