Analytics + Predictive Modeling

Our custom models can help you find insightful patterns in your data — and leverage them for better outcomes.

We consolidate all available data and use it to make predictions to guide your consumer or voter engagement strategy decisions, increase your share of profitable audience, and generate overall growth.

Defining what success looks like is the starting point — what is the business objective? From there, we define and monitor those KPIs that can influence the outcome of this business objective and identify the best way forward for highest impact.

We can help you

  • Drive data-driven decision making
  • Maximize conversion
  • Define best next step for a user or cohort
  • Increase fundraising ROI
  • Prevent churn
  • Reduce lapsed customers
  • Improve cross-selling opportunities
  • Engage specific audiences based on subject, cause or issue

By delivering these products and services

  • Advanced analytics
  • Descriptive modelling (visualization dashboard)
  • Predictive modelling:
    • Retention (churn)
    • Segmentation
    • Lift
    • Cross-sell support
    • Custom models
  • Prescriptive modeling (fully automated paths)
“Even the most accurate models can be ineffective if they aren’t implemented carefully with controlled impact measurements. We don’t just build models; we build analytic pipelines that automate insights in real-time, ensuring that teams have access to the most up-to-date information for strategic decision making.”Jenn Marton, Ph.D., Head, Analytics