Digital Direct Onboarding

  • If not, please start by visiting to purchase a plan from the portal. You'll receive more information via email when you sign up.
  • Candidate name will be used as submitted in this form across creative and ad copy within the Digital Direct program. Please ensure that you double-check the spelling!
  • When selecting "Both", ad campaigns will use in-platform budget optimization to determine the relative split of ad spend between EN and FR based on which are engaged with more.
  • The Digital Direct program is designed to work exclusively with party-provided candidate microsites. A custom URL with an associated email address is also required due to rules implemented by Facebook.
  • Please ensure to review the Candidate Photos Guidelines document and ensure that any photos uploaded align with these requirements (min 2000x1300px, no cropped shoulders, space above/to the right/to the left of the candidate). Photos may be reduced in size to meet the maximum file size restrictions (15MB). Also, ensure to name the files with your candidate name included. Only include photos that are okay to be used in ads.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, tiff.
  • We can’t launch your ads until your Facebook account is ready for advertising, which includes being verified and having the appropriate disclaimer. Please see the guide in your campaign’s Google Drive or on, or reach out to your Team Trudeau support representatives ([email protected]) for support.
  • This request will be delivered to Page Admins via email or Facebook platform notifications depending on their personal settings.