We bring together the top professionals from data analytics, digital marketing, and campaigns.

Management & Corporate Development

Thomas Pitfield

Founder & CEO

Thomas Pitfield served as the Chief Digital Strategist for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal election campaign, as well as his campaign for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Tom helped build IBM’s Toronto Innovation Center and worked as Policy Advisor to the Director of IBM’s Business Partner Channel.

Sean Hutchison


Sean was a Group Director for Facebook where he lead the business development, platform and partnerships teams in Canada. Prior to Facebook, Sean was Vice President of Product at Points.com (Nasdaq: PCOM) and co-founder of Fort Nocs Networks, one of Canada’s leading application managed services companies which later became part of Centrilogic. He was also co-founder of Think Dynamics, an early cloud computing platform which later sold to IBM and became part of the Tivoli suite of services.

Sean Wiltshire, PhD

VP, Data Analytics

Sean served as Director of Data and Analytics for the 2015 Trudeau campaign. Sean received his PhD in the department of Human Genetics at McGill University in Montreal, where his research focused on the genetic determinants of the immune response to viral infection.

Sébastien Fassier

VP, Corporate Services

A political science graduate and digital specialist for several years, Sébastien draws on his extensive understanding of technology and web communication to advise institutions and companies who operate in complex business environments such as healthcare, retail or finance. Before joining Data Sciences, he headed the digital team for one of Canada’s leading public relations firms. Sébastien’s storytelling expertise is also very useful when it’s bedtime for his two daughters.

Phillip Todd

Chief Operating Officer

Phil was Director of Digital Operations for the winning Trudeau 2015 campaign, and led digital fundraising at the Liberal Party of Canada from 2012 to 2017 during which time he grew annual channel revenue tenfold. An MA in History with a background in journalism, Phil brings 13+ years of project and production management experience in politics, publications and the private sector, and loves motivating teams to bring projects in on time and on budget, whatever the requirements.

Derek Ruths, PhD

Director of Research & Development

Derek Ruths is Director of Research and Development at Data Sciences and Associate Professor of Computer Science at McGill University. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University. His past work has involved collaborations with social media companies including Facebook and Twitter. His work has been published in top-tier journals and conferences including Science as well as covered by Wired and other mainstream media.

Frédérique Steenackers

Legal Counsel

Lawyer and communicator, Frédérique has an extensive expertise in business and non-profit organizations. She offers legal and communication support to Data Sciences’ team of experts. An influential and committed partner, she is fan of positive leadership and management. A member of the Quebec Bar Association, Frédérique graduated from Montreal University School of Law and completed a post-graduate professional degree (DESS) in management at HEC Montréal. She preaches the development of emotional intelligence because it is at the core of professional and life success whatever your age. After offices hours, she combines the jobs of chauffeur, culinary chef and volunteer for various sports organizations.

Data, Analytics & Platforms

Nadya Wilkinson

Senior Director, Platforms and Support

Nadya managed central support teams and databases for several provincial and federal elections, including Justin Trudeau's 2015 and Kathleen Wynne’s 2014 campaigns. Nadya has helped transform large-scale, national organizations into data-driven operations.

Megan Cooper, PhD

Head of Research

Megan is a ball-hockey enthusiast, dog fanatic, and statistics nerd who lives for the thrill of digging into an unanalyzed data set. She has a passion for behavioral research and helping clients identify opportunities to achieve their brand objectives. Hailing from Yellowknife, NWT, she traveled south to pursue a PhD in Experimental Psychology at McGill University where she achieved expertise in the areas of group identity, motivation and intergroup relations.

Stephanie Goveia

Manager, Platforms and Support

Dominique “Mico” Perreault, PhD

Data Analyst

Dominique caught the campaign analytics bug volunteering for the Trudeau campaign during the 2015 federal election. She has since joined the Data Sciences team as a data analyst, after completing her PhD in social and organizational psychology at the University of Ottawa, where she developed her own research program investigating social climates that foster positive leadership emergence in young adults.

Jenn Marton, PhD

Data Analyst

Jenn is passionate about tackling complex problems and gets unreasonably excited when a solution can be expressed in a single, easily interpretable graphic. Previously, her inquisitive nature propelled her to pursue a PhD in Human Genetics at McGill University where she researched the genetic basis of infectious diseases.

Ingrid Rolland

Junior Data Analyst

Christopher Harty

Data Infrastructure Analyst

Chris discovered the joys of wrangling messy data into strategic insight during his tenure as an early employee and sole in-house BI analyst for an antivirus software startup. He graduated with a BComm in Business Technology Management from the John Molson School of Business in 2015. When not at work he can hopefully be found on his bike.

Domenic Bitondo

Data Infrastructure Analyst

Domenic helps clients move, store, organize, and leverage their data. Domenic worked on the Campaign Technologies team for Kathleen Wynne's successful provincial election, and provided similar expertise for Justin Trudeau's campaign in 2015. Domenic graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics and Philosophy from Western University. While in school he worked as a student opinion researcher and gained experience in Organized Labour, as well as the Federal and Provincial Governments.

Meghan Bottomley

Technology Support


Stuart Brown

Head of Digital

Stuart has worked across technology, telco, and media companies in marketing, strategy, and sales positions. Since his earliest days in advertising, his passion has been enabling digital engagement between companies and their customers. Having spent time at both Facebook and Snapchat, he has a deep understanding of the social space. Through his work at TELUS, he refined his expertise in direct-response marketing, advertising technology, and measurement.

Darrell Dean, PhD

Head of Experience

Darrell is a scientist, communicator and designer who led brand development and execution as the Senior Designer on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2015 federal election campaign. After the election, he continued to lead the Liberal Party of Canada’s creative and digital engagement efforts, serving as Digital and Creative Director. Darrell also has a PhD in Chemistry from Queen’s University, where he learned the value of clear communication and sound experimental design.

Lea Elbilia

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lea is absolutely gung-ho about content creation, community involvement and digital advertising. She completed her B.A. in Psychology where she graduated with Great Distinctions and is currently finishing her graduate studies in Business Administration from John Molson School of Business. Previously, she was running the operations and digital marketing for a major real estate company. When she's not in the office, Lea is probably cooking something with too much spices.

Abdulah Besirevic

Graphic Designer

Shifra Landry

Digital Advertising Strategist

Shifra Landry brings extensive experience running data-driven campaigns that get results for political, not-for-profit and corporate clients. Previously, she provided technology support for clients making sure teams get the most out of their tools. Shifra graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Political Science.

Ryan Smith

Video & Graphics Producer

Ryan is a multi-disciplined digital artist specializing in graphic design, illustration, and motion graphics, who likes making bright and attractive animations in 2d and 3d environments. He is a design forward content creator, whose past work includes branding for the Cineplex Preshow, concept development and animation for Teletoon, as well as writing and director for several programs on Suntv, Bite, and Rogers.

Zubin Sanyal

Digital Strategist

Zubin offers expertise in digital marketing and engagement strategies to drive the best results for clients. Prior to joining Data Sciences, Zubin was a digital strategist on the 2015 Trudeau campaign, helping manage digital marketing assets for candidates nation-wide.